Summer is just around the corner! Are you ready to shred that winter weight?

Get together with a few of your closest friends and family to work together as a team in OC Fit’s 2018 Summer Shred Challenge!

Everyone in the challenge will have access to the entire gym at OC Fit – fitness area, group classes and CrossFit!  Challenge lasts 6 weeks starting April 15 and ending May 25.

Each team must have:

  • 4 individuals
  • At least 1 of the individuals must be a non-member of OC Fit.
    • The non-members will receive a Free 6-Week Membership during the challenge.
  • At least 1 member of OC Fit.
  • Each team will have a weigh-in before and after the challenge.
  • Total team weight loss will be measure on a percentage scale, to keep it fair for all fitness levels.
  • Teams will be awarded points for weight loss, as well as completing the weekly challenges.
  • The winning team will be able to choose from a list of prizes, including OC Fit shirts, nutrition supplements, personal training sessions, and nutrition consultations.

Sign-up at the gym or contact one of our instructors to get your team signed up for the challenge!