Our Vision is to exceed expectations in guest satisfaction, value, and convenience.
As a family-based gym, we want to help families build strong relationships through involvement in fitness. We aspire to educate everyone that it is possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle at all fitness levels.

Core Values:

Education on various ways to stay fit

Functional and innovative experience

Help people of all fitness levels succeed, individuals and families

Community culture to promote healthy lifestyles

Promote physical, social and emotional health and wellness



Jesse Moret
Jesse MoretManager

Prior to OC Fit, I was a Personal Trainer for 8 years, since 2009.

Prior to OC Fit, I was a Personal Trainer at Anytime Fitness in Le Mars for 8 years. Fitness and sports have been apart of my life for as long as I can remember. Playing sports through high school and college, I went on to receive my Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from Northwestern College. Staying active translates over into my family as well. My wife, Emily and I live in Orange City with our two kids. We spend our time staying active together, including many weekends on the lake in the summer. I’m passionate about using my knowledge and experiences to help people live a healthy lifestyle.
Dave Hayungs
Dave HayungsAssistant Manager

CrossFit, Kickboxing, Kids Functional Fitness, Mobility & Stretching
I’ve been teaching Kickboxing since 2011, CrossFit since 2015, Stretching/Mobility since 2016.

I competed collegiately in Tae Kwon Do for Iowa State University. Have been teaching\coaching in various fitness related fields since graduating, including Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, Strength Training, Mobility & Stretching, and CrossFit.

I love helping people push themselves to continue to reach their fitness goals, and help them get to levels of fitness maybe they didn’t think they could do when they started.  It’s really exciting when coaching/teaching to see people reach a new personal record, or to see them conquer a lift or exercise that they’ve put a lot of hard work into.

I am married with 3 daughters.

Ashley Van Roekel
Ashley Van RoekelBody Pump | Cardio Row | Personal Trainer
Instructor since April 2015 – I participated in sports in high-school and college, as well as coached various sports.
Currently, I try to stay active in any way I can through competitive sports – slow-pitch, golf, volleyball, Crossfit/fitness competitions. The most rewarding part about instructing is seeing the members creating their own energy in class. Building a connection with each member, and seeing them getting the most out of every workout is exciting to see. My husband, Jake and I live in Alton with our two dogs. I spend my days working full-time as the General Manager of the Terrace View Event Center. My friends know me best as the “planner” – my schedule is always filled with as much as I can squeeze into it – I enjoy trying new things, being active, and spending time with loved ones.
Steph Schwebach
Steph SchwebachPump, Combat, Step

Combat – 2013; Pump – 2014; Group Fitness Certification – 2015

I have been an instructor for 4 ½ years. I did some sports in high school, but I really got into fitness after my daughter was born 10 years ago. The weight wasn’t coming off as quickly so I started doing some Beachbody workouts in my basement. After experiencing the workout ‘high’ and noticing an increase in energy and mood, I started going to live Pump classes and fell in love with group fitness. I got certified in Combat with Julie Roos, and eventually went on to become certified in Pump and got my group fitness certification through NETA.

I love how all the participants bring their positive energy and motivation. They motivate me to work out harder! I also love working out with great music; the music really drives all the Les Mills programs. It’s fun, energetic, and you leave in a more positive frame of mind!

I live in Alton with my husband, Eric, and my two kids, Blake (14) and Brycelyn (11). I love teaching (I teach kindergarten at Hospers Elementary …the best job ever!), reading, swimming and camping.

Gina Dorr
Gina DorrPiYo and Core
PiYo – 2015; Core – 2016; Group Fitness Cerficiation – 2017
Fitness classes have been a passion of mine for many years when I started attending them, which then led me to become an instructor 2 ½ years ago. I became a group instructor to further my fitness journey and to continue encouraging others to stay fit. I enjoy all group fitness classes and take pride in watching others become confident and overcome their fitness challenges. It’s exciting to see people accomplish a difficult workout at any fitness level. My husband, Mike and I live in Orange City with our two daughters who are 12 and 8. We enjoy attending our kid’s school and sporting events, as well as spending time on the water in the summertime.
Lyndsay Bahrke
Lyndsay BahrkePump and Cardio Mix
Pump – 2015; Group Fitness Certification – 2017
I’ve been participating in group fitness for 5 years, and instructing since 2015. My involvement in fitness began in college, and I have a Bachelor’s degree in exercise science. I’m also a registered nurse, therefore health and wellness has always been important to me. Seeing other people make health a part of their daily lives is one of my favorite parts about being an instructor. I love seeing the look on people’s faces when they realize they can do something that they didn’t think they could. I love being outdoors and spending time with my husband and three kids. I work full-time as a nurse at the clinic in Orange City, and own a skin care business.
Angela Jellema
Angela JellemaGrit | Core| Personal Trainer

Grit since 2015; Core since 2016

I have been an instructor for 3.5 Years. I played sports in high school and I have always been a big runner and loved going to Pump. Julie Roos asked me to join the team when they wanted to add Grit. My Favorite part about teaching is getting people outside their comfort zone and watching them realize how strong they really are once they put their mind and heart to it. I work for my Family at Jellema Construction. I have two beautiful kids that keep me busy with all their activities. I coach Junior High Volleyball and Basketball. So as you can see I like to keep myself busy and moving all the time!
Julie Ross
Julie RossCombat, Core, Personal Trainer, Pump, Grit

Pump – 2011; Combat -2013; Core – 2014; Grit – 2015; ISSA Trainer – 2015; Along with 18 others…yes, she’s crazy!

Instructor since 2011; Pump was my first certification – it’s still my first love. I loved playing sports in school – volleyball was a favorite! Non-athletic fitness really became more of a lifestyle for me after my two boys were born. Finding a way to keep active was the agenda and then falling in love with the programs just happened – now I am hooked! I love the science behind Les Mills classes and the music always sucks me in! Fitness really has become a lifestyle, it’s amazing how it affects everything in your life!

I love watching people transform, that look on their face, that feeling they get, when it turns into pure new found confidence! That confidence is much more than just fitness goal progress, it’s a new passion, it’s self-confidence and accomplishment and they can really own that for themselves and have it forever!

I have two awesome boys, Levi is 8 and Joshua is 11, both at MOC-FV Elementary. My husband, Greg is Cabinet Shop Owner/ Carpenter. I work at our Cabinet shop also, Century Cabinets.  As for us, you will find our family at the lake most weekends in the summer either boating, tubing, riding bikes or just hanging out! Both sides of our families are from and live in Orange City, a true blessing to be surrounded by everyone we love.

Angel Bengard
Angel BengardStrong by Zumba

Zumba – 2013; Strong by Zumba – 2017; Group Fitness Certification – 2015

Instructor since 2013. My favorite part of teaching classes is the music. The music drives me and I love seeing participants gain strength and flexibility when they are able to do something they weren’t able to do previously.

Married to Blake for 3 years, we have 1.5-year-old twins, Stella & Nels. My hobbies are anything to do with the water. We love going to our lake house on the weekend. Fitness background, I started training with a trainer in 2011 to lose weight and get fit, I lost 75 pounds and through that experience, I fell in love with training and group fitness classes.

Lori Hayungs
Lori HayungsZumba, Strong by Zumba

Zumba – 2008; Strong by Zumba – 2017

I’ve been a fitness instructor for over 20 years, originally started with aqua aerobics. I’ve always been involved in fitness and sports activities, as well as health science interests, including women health programs.

My favorite part of leading classes relates to my education program with adult development. I have knowledge about adult learning theory and learning strategies to motivate and encourage adults to make changes to their lives.

My husband Dave and I live in Orange City. We have three daughters, ages 20, 17 and 13. We love doing things that involve animals or exploring. My hobbies include Zumba, fitness, reading and I love spending time outdoors, especially near a lake.

My work background involves teaching others about why others do what they do – temperament, brain development, etc. I teach others how to work together as team members, particularly those in leadership roles.

Steph Pottebaum
Steph PottebaumCrossFit

Instructor since 2016.

It just clicked and I’ve been at it ever since. I started working out regularly about 6 years ago and was very happy with how much better I felt physically and mentally.

There are a few reasons I enjoyed leading classes. It’s fun to see people get healthier and become more active. It’s motivating when you see people realize their potential and learn what their bodies are capable of! I also love how fitness classes bring all kinds of people together with common goals and interests!

I am married to Jason Pottebaum. We have two boys, Brody – 20 and Blake – 15. When I’m not at the gym, I work as the Food Service Director of MOC-FV Schools. Other things I enjoy are bike rides, walking our dog around local ponds and enjoying the outdoors, boating and spending time with friends and family. I try to stay active outside of the gym by participating in 5k runs, obstacle course challenges, and Crossfit competitions. We also enjoy meal prepping and trying to healthy most days!

Marie Hofmeyer
Marie HofmeyerCrossfit, Kids Functional Fitness

CrossFit – 2017

I played high school sports, and since high school have not done a lot of competitive sports, which is one thing I love about Crossfit, it allows me to be competitive with not only others, but my own fitness level. Favorite part of leading classes – I teach Crossfit because I love the ability to show others what they are capable of! It is truly rewarding to watch others succeed in fitness, to watch someone go through a transformation not only on the outside, but on the inside and gain confidence in their abilities! Personal (family, hobbies, passions, etc) – I am a mother of two amazing children, jadyn and Beckym. I own Holland House, a Home Decor, furniture and Design studio. I am very passionate about helping people make their homes their sanctuary. I also love to work on any home improvement project and travel as much as possible!
Chris Saras
Chris SarasCrossfit

CrossFit – 2015

After finishing my collegiate football career at the University of Redlands, I found myself bouncing around from one weightlifting program to another. As a health & fitness junkie, I was constantly trying to discover something that would keep me engaged, motivated and looking forward to the next workout. The answer to my health & fitness struggles was found in CrossFit. My personal CrossFit journey began February 2014 and a year later I received my Level 1 Certificate, jump-starting my coaching adventures. I am a passionate learner, but more importantly, I find great satisfaction in sharing what I discover with others. Whether it’s how to eat right, improving on the quality of movements, or helping people achieve new personal records on their workouts, I am here to not only help you reach your goals, but help you have a great time throughout the process. I live in Orange City with my wife, Ashley, and our three boys, Cash, Nixon & Oakley.
Kenton - FOs Vore
Kenton - FOs VoreCrossFit

CrossFit – 2018

My weight loss journey started in the fall of 2014 when I tipped the scales at a whopping 420 pounds. After loosing a substantial amount of that weight through diet. I was introduced to CrossFit in early 2016 and ever since been hooked. Fitness is a new passion of mine and I decided to received my CrossFit level 1 to help others discover a love for fitness.

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